The labourer’s day play for 1st of may :D


scene 1

(Girl gets up on the shrill sound of an alarm and quickly picks up her bedding, then she goes to the kitchen to prepare sandwiches for the two kids Ratna and Priya.

Then she rushes to their room to wake them up as they have to get dressed for school. they make a huge fuss.)


ratna- 5 minutes more

priya- can you just stop bugging me, you don’t even go to school, so how will you understand the amount of handwork i need to do

merry- but you’ll get late then

ratna- Shut up, how does it even matter to you?

priya- yeah. how does it.

merry- but….

priya- oh shit! I’m late

ratna- crap, all thanks o you, you stupid fool

merry- sorry, ill just go and prepare your milk


(ratna and priya go to get ready meanwhile merry gets the newspaper from the gate and then works in the kitchen followed by mopping the floor)


scene 2

(at breakfast now. merry is out of breath, the children just as petulant. now enters their overbearing mother.)


mother: merry, stop panting like a dog and clean faster. i swear, you make such a mess.

merry: yes, madam.

ratna spits out milk: PAH! i hate malai! how many times do i have to tell you?

merry: i must have confused your glass with —

priya: ewww, this milk is cold. mama!

mother: confused. that’s all you ever are, haan? listen, merry. i get up at 7. i have to wake up the kids and get them both ready for school. what do you do? you just keep mopping the floor and panting like a dog? useless i tell you.

merry- mumbles sorry

mother-now stop all this sorry business and prepare breakfast for sahib

merry- yes ma’am


(the girls rush to catch their bus, merry carries both of their bags and goes to leave them outside meanwhile the mother complains about merry)


mother- stupid girl! can’t do a thing right in life. I’ve to teach her how to do everything! *sigh*


(mother exits)


(the girls’ father enters)


father- Merry!!!

merry- comes inside running. yes sir?

father- where is my newspaper?(even though it’s lying on the table right infront of him)

merry- here sahib

father- haven’t i told you to prepare my tea before i get up


merry- ill just bring it sahib

(rushes to the kitchen)

father- now where are my spectacles

(starts searching for them)

merry- here is your tea.

father- where did you keep my spectacles now? keep on losing my stuff. irresponsible girl

merry-sahab, (points at his forehead)

father- oh! leaving for office now

merry hands him his stiffen and he exits


scene 3


(merry walks out of the living room, rubbing her eyes. The morning has been exhausting.She wanders into the bathroom and starts to look around for the cleaning solution.

She finds it in a corner and squats next to the toilet to start to clean it.

scrubbing and scrubbing, she becomes very sleepy.

she rests first one elbow on the toilet seat, and continues to clean.

before she knows it, her arms are crossed on the toilet and she is dozing off.)

(just then, the childrens’ mother walks by.)


merry- what? yes, madam? *drowsily wipes face*

mother- ARE YOU MAD?

*picks up a sweeper lying nearby and swats merry’s arm, sending her reeling backwards, away from the toilet and onto the floor*

*merry starts to quietly cry*

mother: have you never even HEARD of infection? falling asleep on a toilet!! i know you grew up in a slum and your mother never taught you anything  . . .

*merry starts sobbing*

mother- you want to die or what? foolish people don’t know what’s good for them

merry- i don’t HAVE my mother, and if you wanted what was good for me you would have at least not hit me with that thing. I have had enough, you have made my life miserable and you don’t value me or the anoint of handwork i do. you are my master and i am your servant NOT your slave. I’m leaving. you are great, you don’t need me


ratna exits


mother takes out her handbag and calls up her neighbor mrs.khanna


mrs.khanna- oh hello!

mother- big problem, come right now!

mrs.khanna- be there in a jiffy

mother-okay bye


merry comes carrying a small bag

mother- i will increase your salary girl

merry- i don’t need your money

mother-then what do you want

merry- respect and concern


mother is left bewildered

merry walks out of the house with her head held high.


scene 4


mother sits down on the sofa and looks around baffled,and starts complaining to herself, at the same time calling merry an ungrateful person.


mrs. khan enters along with her husband

mrs khanna- what happened? i just saw merry outside with a bag in her hand

mr khanna- are you alright?

mrs khanna- say something

mother- that ungrateful useless girl just left the house, she behaved so rudely with me

mr khanna and mr khanna together WHAT!

mrs khanna- these girls i tell you

mr khanna- yes!they are such a pain in the neck

mrs khanna- so true

mother- and she told me that i didn’t value her, i used to always give the girls’ giveaway clothes to her.

mrs. khanna- now don’t you worry, we will find a new maid for you



narrator: on exiting the house merry was asked by their other neighbors about what had happened, they all knew how cruel and heartless her employer was, but merry never said a single mean thing about her, infect she didn’t tell anyone about the physical violence she used to go through or how rude they had been to her. she told everyone that she had been fired for being lazy and not doing her work properly. she was loyal to them, more than they deserved. but she had still cared about them and loved the girls as though they were her siblings, as for the girls’ family, they were unable to find any domestic help. and remembered her as well as missed the way she had taken care of their lives as if it were her own. it is hightime we started valuing these laborers who make our life beautiful and comfortable in various ways. its now or never, because they deserve our love and affection.


By-Raina X-D



Inspiration + my 1st rap :D

Okay, this is the first time I’m writing about how i actually feel. I doubt that I’m expressive enough (yikes) I’ve developed this fright-somewhat like stage fright BUT today was anything but INSPIRATIONAL.I met a really talented as well as intelligent young girl today, Ratna. pretty similar to my name, Raina…. though I’m not even close to as goooooood as her. her blog is FANTABOLOUS. (!!) So, I’d like to share with all of you out there a rap that i had written for a friend who thought that if i can write poetry then i can SURE AS HELL right rap. thanks rgv 😀 you made me grow that day, and ratna if you read this i want you to know that I IDOLIZE YOU! 😀


I don’t care about no shit,

I don’t care a dot bit,

I don’t walk around,

I never frown,

Cause I got you,

I got a pillar,

I got #swag,

And Imma killah!,

Murder ain’t no crime,

I ain’t no swine,

Imma cool guy,

Oh Yeah! I’m so fly B),

I walk with my head raised high,

But you blame me,

I don’t know why,

If you can’t admit it,

You better not decline,

If you don’t get it,

You ain’t not mine,

Hold me tight,

Cause when I go,

You’ll be lost in the flow,

The waves will crash,

And you’ll become trash,

Be who you are,

Do what you do,

But you’re never gonna win,

Hell no, you’ll always be searching in the bin,

Cause without the sky,

There ain’t no moon,

Cause without the petals,

There ain’t no rose,

Cause without you,

There ain’t no me,

Cause without love,


p.s- excuse the cheesy title 😛