What you would expect out of a 12 year old ☀

What would you expect out of a 12 year old

When you read the title, the first thing that crossed your mind would be a harmless kid,still not exposed to the world and who still has balances hormones.I bet 90% of you didn’t realize how developed and far stretched the brain might be or how big a mess a kid’s life is.I’d like to remind you that a 12year old is AS exposed and AS lost as a 13year old who has apparently entered adolescence.That kid is actually a young adult bubbling and bursting with the knowledge which has been picked up from both his immediate and not that immediate sources as well as surroundings.He probably has a thing for a young full of life girl as unlike and just unlike the 17 year old. Being 12 is like hanging between two branches and wondering which one you should grasp for a better grip. It’s just like knowing what NOT to do but doing just the same,not cause you’re a rebel and want to gain your guardian’s attention but because you don’t want to learn from someone else’s so-called experience.It takes a lot of polishing to make the marble that you’re standing on to gleam and look attractive but its only on close examination that you’ll find the rough patches that it gained along the way to become the solid surface which supports you.

Coming back to the orignal topic, a 12 year old might fall in love,fall in bad company,become someone renowned,have heartache,lose his buddies and MUCH MORE than that. Dont underestimate the 12year old. He might teach you something or figure out something in a jiffy whereas you’ve spent your entire life to understand the picture that is as black and white as the blackboard and chalk respectively in your nursery school where you learnt to shake hands,bow and say GOOD MORNING!☀