Failures are stepping stones to success ✌✌

Every time we fall,it takes courage to stand up and face the world again.Every time we lose something, it takes courage to create it again.Every time we lose somebody,it takes courage to get over them.But every time we find ourselves lost, it takes hope to reach or the moon.

Hola everybody! I bet that all of you reading this post today must have had your fair share of highs and lows in life, there must have been times when there was no ray of hope left and you wanted to give up on life and quit trying, when you were distressed ,depressed and felt deserted.

You’re sitting in front of your respective screens and reading this post today, because you my friend faced your fears over and over again.Like the Wright brothers and Thomas Alva Edison. One gave us flight while the other gave us flight. These people were just like you and me, the only difference being their belief in I-M-POSSIBLE rather than IMPOSSIBLE.

My fellow Indians,we really do have a rich history. The freedom struggle began in 1857 and we finally attained independence in 1947. So many years and it was all worth the strife.

To talk about something more recent, the famous blade runner of South Africa ran the 400meters relay for his country a few days back in the London Olympics. He even qualified for the finals although he was handicapped. If a man without legs can run faster than the 7 billion people in the world, why can’t our mind towards optimism and positivity? Why can’t we with our our determination, patience, perseverance and belief in oneself turn impossible into possible!?