What lies in a name?


Everybody has a name.In my opinion,even anonymous is a name!Some names fall in the ‘short category’ and some in the ‘long category’ and there are a few that are ‘stuck in the middle’ and just like my height, my name too is stuck in the middle.

An unusual name with various pronounciations which are all acceptable cause its a proper noun, my name is Raina.

It belongs to the Persian/Arabic origin and means Queen-which I’m obviously NOT but like every other girl, would love to become.

I won’t mind hijacking Kate Middleton’s life and marrying Prince William, in fact it would be a beautiful dream coming true.I would attend balls,galas and benefits, roam about in Limousines,Lamborghinis and Aston Martins and be the much ‘hyped’ talk of the papparazi.

But all that is secondary, even oodles of money can’t match the feeling of being a ‘Royal’ , belonging to a family with the richest heritage,longest of lineage and deepest of culture.

You might find this funny, think of it as something a 5 year old might want but in our heart we all will always be 5 year olds wanting to become princessess like Snow White or Rapunzel, marry a handsome prince and have our ‘Happily ever after’.


Inspiration + my 1st rap :D

Okay, this is the first time I’m writing about how i actually feel. I doubt that I’m expressive enough (yikes) I’ve developed this fright-somewhat like stage fright BUT today was anything but INSPIRATIONAL.I met a really talented as well as intelligent young girl today, Ratna. pretty similar to my name, Raina…. though I’m not even close to as goooooood as her. her blog http://365gapdays.blogspot.in/ is FANTABOLOUS. (!!) So, I’d like to share with all of you out there a rap that i had written for a friend who thought that if i can write poetry then i can SURE AS HELL right rap. thanks rgv 😀 you made me grow that day, and ratna if you read this i want you to know that I IDOLIZE YOU! 😀


I don’t care about no shit,

I don’t care a dot bit,

I don’t walk around,

I never frown,

Cause I got you,

I got a pillar,

I got #swag,

And Imma killah!,

Murder ain’t no crime,

I ain’t no swine,

Imma cool guy,

Oh Yeah! I’m so fly B),

I walk with my head raised high,

But you blame me,

I don’t know why,

If you can’t admit it,

You better not decline,

If you don’t get it,

You ain’t not mine,

Hold me tight,

Cause when I go,

You’ll be lost in the flow,

The waves will crash,

And you’ll become trash,

Be who you are,

Do what you do,

But you’re never gonna win,

Hell no, you’ll always be searching in the bin,

Cause without the sky,

There ain’t no moon,

Cause without the petals,

There ain’t no rose,

Cause without you,

There ain’t no me,

Cause without love,


p.s- excuse the cheesy title 😛