Empowering the economically backward

Not everybody is brought into the world with a silver spoon in his or her mouth. A lot of people have to struggle to meet both ends meet. These people are the posterity, which leads the country to greater heights through their unwavering determination to achieve success.

 The Indus International Community School is a unique initiative. It is a place where children from diverse backgrounds and adverse conditions come every morning, all spruced up in neatly ironed uniforms, with a glint in their eyes and ambition in their hearts. These children understand the wholesome meaning of passion and hard work. They understand that they are the lucky few who go to an institution where they are offered high-quality education; a replica of the kind of education offered to the mainstream school that they are a part of that is Indus International School, Sarjaura. Karnataka, India.

They feel privileged to study in a center of excellence for Technology, English and Vocational Skills that is offered at a Lilliputian cost as compared to other schools offering the same amenities. Also, learning through practical knowledge which children who are not well off are usually not able to gain is an added perk for them.

However, only a handful number of people are aware of this brainchild of the esteemed CEO, Lt. Gen (Retd.) Arjun Ray. A School that is meant for the rural poor who live below poverty line (BPL) and children who come from families those are economically disadvantaged.


This is the an interview with Lakshmi, a girl from humble origins who is now studying in the community school:


Q: What school did you go to before moving to IICS?

A: I studied in a Kannada medium school.


Q: Did you like it there?

A: No, I always wanted to study in a school where I would be taught English. I asked my mother to send me to an English medium school but she always shrugged away by saying that we did not have enough money.


Q: How do you like Indus.Is it the kind of dream school you had yearned to study in?

A: I love it here. I feel so privileged to be studying in IICS because It’s only because of joining Indus that I know how important education is.


Q: What do you like studying and who has been your biggest support?

A: I love studying English. It is my favorite subject and is taught by the best teacher in the world, Ms.Naima. She takes very good care of me. However nobody can love me as much as Lt. Gen (Retd.) Arjun Ray, Mr.Rao, Mrs.Rao and Mrs.Anuradha Gulati. They have taught me innumerable life lessons.


Q: Why are you so passionate about being well educated?

A: Learning is a blessing. When one is educated, they can become something. I aspire to become a police officer and it is only through education that I can achieve this.


Q: Why a police officer?

A: My father and brother drink a lot. They do not go to work and refuse to refrain from this habit. I see my mother and elder sister working really hard for paying off our house loan, running the house and for something as basic as food. If I were given the opportunity to become a police officer, I would ensure that such practices are stopped.


Q: We know that you live on campus. How does it feel like to be a boarder?

A: The hostel and the girls are very nice. It’s a great experience to stay with them. Our house-parents have taught me very good things that I always follow. They have instilled in me the lessons of never steal money, always bathing and respecting others and their privacy. I was never taught all this in school. Therefore, I don’t like home as much as I like school.


Q: Don’t you miss your mother?

A: I do but she comes to visit often. I went home for Diwali and ate food cooked by mom that I absolutely love.


Q: How about friends, do you have a lot of them?

A: I have lots of friends in IICS and IISB and they all treat me as an equal.


Q: What do you like beyond studying?

A: I enjoy swimming and football.


Q: Is there something you would like to share with our readers?

A: I would like to urge all of them to study and make their dreams come true. Also, never consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes as they ruin your internal organs and make you unproductive individuals.