What lies in a name?


Everybody has a name.In my opinion,even anonymous is a name!Some names fall in the ‘short category’ and some in the ‘long category’ and there are a few that are ‘stuck in the middle’ and just like my height, my name too is stuck in the middle.

An unusual name with various pronounciations which are all acceptable cause its a proper noun, my name is Raina.

It belongs to the Persian/Arabic origin and means Queen-which I’m obviously NOT but like every other girl, would love to become.

I won’t mind hijacking Kate Middleton’s life and marrying Prince William, in fact it would be a beautiful dream coming true.I would attend balls,galas and benefits, roam about in Limousines,Lamborghinis and Aston Martins and be the much ‘hyped’ talk of the papparazi.

But all that is secondary, even oodles of money can’t match the feeling of being a ‘Royal’ , belonging to a family with the richest heritage,longest of lineage and deepest of culture.

You might find this funny, think of it as something a 5 year old might want but in our heart we all will always be 5 year olds wanting to become princessess like Snow White or Rapunzel, marry a handsome prince and have our ‘Happily ever after’.


On goodbyes, or maybe have a good life till we meet again?

‘‘I won’t let people in again. NEVER’’
 This was the way my brain processed after fights with friends whom I thought were forever, being lied to, bitched about, isolated to fend for myself ALONE.
I swore that my walls would always be up. High. Impossible for anybody to break, crack or fire at with a canon. I’d become the secluded princess, forever alone, away from the manipulative world but, there’s always a but.
But I still hoped that someday, somebody would come-my knight in shining armour or maybe a friend who would hold my hand and teach me to walk again? 
Patience does pay off, doesn’t it?
I met you. 
I was scared to commit at first but slowly I embraced having you in my life, slowly you became my life line, my speed dial and you brought me the happiness which I once knew cause I had known somebody remotely like you a long time ago.
You’re leaving now, for good. 
I’m trying to accept the fact that you won’t be around to be my emotional support but somewhere on the inside, it’s still a joke to me, hasn’t struck me yet or probably I’m not ready to open my eyes and face reality.
I’ve been a sucker at goodbyes, so it won’t be a goodbye. It will just be a you’ll be missed so come back soon my friend. We have history to make.
Take care.

On Dreaming BIG

I always wanted to be something in life. Well,who doesn’t? But out of a 100 dreams, how many actually get fulfilled are probably not even a handful. I’ve always  wanted that ‘something which I want’ to be extraordinary. Nothing, like the people surrounding me,nothing like my peers, nothing that is within the reach of every second person.

The first incident I recall of wanting something different dates back to the early days of my first year at school when i was probably 4 or 5 years old.

Everytime I used to walk into the school building, I used to look with wide open-observant eyes at the bulletin board which had pictures of around 15 students. They had been pinned to a background of a ship with around 3-4 floors. On they very top of this ship was the picture of a really pretty girl with blue eyes and a smile that showed the empty spaces where the two incisors should have been but nevertheless the girl looked beautiful.

Well, this incident isn’t about that pretty girl but about the promise that I made to myself. It might sound funny, but that day I pledged that no matter what, how difficult it might be, I would do all it took to replace my photo with her’s at that very spot.

And guess what, I DID make it, to that very spot and was reffered to as the Leader of the Junior School.

I was happy,elated,content and felt like the biggest success story ever. I felt good about myself as an individual having the potential to get what I wished for.

Dreams could turn into reality back then- so why not now?

I’m still the same person at heart and always will be. Thus, nothing is difficult if you put your heart and soul into it.The only thing that you have to do is :